Our top twelve foodie tweeters

This article originally appeared on LondonLovesBusiness.com on 03/05/2012


Love a purple carrot do you? Positively relished the illegal-foie-gras-Selfridges scandal? Answer yes to both and you qualify for foodie status. Here’s your guide to foodies on Twitter, you’ll never miss a trend, restaurant opening or piece of gossip again

Follow this blogger (real name Niamh Shields) and you’ll eat like a king – not like a girl. Lovely Irish Niamh has just been shortlisted for Food Blog of the Year Award by the Guild of Food Writers and not before time. Dispelling all myths that girls only eat salad, this Hackney-based blogger-turned-author has amassed a following of over 17,000 people, all converted to her devilishly good bacon jam.

Oh Valentine. Sigh. As well as designing ranges for Pizza Express, the ever so dishy Valentine tweets about food festivals, foraging and fellow foodies. (Try saying that really fast). Seemingly bezzie mates with every chef of note on Twitter, Val’s good for keeping up with who’s doing what. His Twitter stream has been rather clogged with pizza refs of late but we’ll let him off. Sigh.

AKA Tom Harrow and LondonlovesBusiness.com columnist, following this man comes with a warning: PREPARE TO GET JEALOUS. Tom, bless him, regularly reminds the rest of us dear mortals that he drinks wine for a living (among other stuff apparently?) We forgive him, though, and lovingly follow while secretly hoping that one day he might invite us along to one of his gourmand soirees / tastings / lunches / dinners.

@saladclub and @frenchandgrace
Rosie French and Ellie Grace began their salad club blog a few years back. Since then they’ve gone on to win awards, open a restaurant, endear food critics and write a cook book – out at the end of the month. Jay Rayner is a big fan and so are we.

Pete Brown is a beer champion and a rather nice bloke to boot. As well as tweeting about the beer industry, pubs and brilliant ales, Pete waxes lyrical about music too (followers today learned he’s a fan of Lou Reed, which makes him especially cool in our book). Follow Pete to keep up to date on all that’s happening in the beer and pub world as well as his drinking antics…

Rebecca’s guides to eating in the capital are second to none. A dedicated lover of food, she seems to get everywhere, at once, all at the same time. We think she may have some sort of super power. WARNING: She’s as strong on bars as she is restaurants, her stream can leave followers gasping for a drink.

It’s only right to have the poster boy of Britain’s food revolution in here. And if it weren’t for him half of Britain’s 30-year-olds (i.e. our mates) still wouldn’t know what to do with a whisk. So Jamie, we salute you. Follow Jamie and keep up to day with the seemingly thousands of projects he has going on up and down the country. There’s inspiration for dinner too, with Jamie tweeting recipes of the day. Plus his chat with his celebrity mates sort of makes you feel like you’re in on the conversation if you know what I mean? Or is that just us?

There’s something rather nice about a Welshman teaching Londoners how to enjoy London. Especially when it’s Emyr Thomas (aka The Dandy Fox on LondonlovesBuisness.com). Follow Emyr and keep up with where’s still hip to eat and what’s opening where and when.

Another success story from the world of secret suppers and food blogs, James has turned his passion into a business and recently published his first book, Small Adventures in Cooking. Follow his tweets and get down to The Secret Larder – still the coolest supper club in town – fast.

Giles doesn’t actually tweet that much about food. His tweets are more often little reflections on everyday occurrences. But they’re usually rather funny occurrences and always make us smile. Whatever he’s doing its working; he’s amassed nearly 100,000 followers.

Any self-respecting food lover should follow the “mud club” (what the Bristol-based staff call themselves). It’s not all pro-organic campaigning either (not that that would be a bad thing), but cuddly farm animals make regular appearances, including, most recently, some new born lambs.

Follow for teasers of what’s inside the magazine and for tips on what’s going on across the capital. Regular nods to restaurants and recipes makes their feed a great appetiser.

Jay isn’t afraid to express his views on Twitter and we salute him for it. Tweets range from joking about the PM to admitting he has stinking breath (after tasting curries). Endearing, never dull and often highly amusing.

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